Undergraduate Admissions

First- and Second-Year Preparation

Students considering a major in EALC should begin language training as soon as possible, starting with CHIN 104JPN 104KOR 104 in the fall of the first year, followed by CHIN 108JPN 108KOR 108 in the spring, advancing to the intermediate 204-208 level courses in the second year. Students are encouraged to take ECIV 104 (or ECIV 304/ECIV 305) as soon as possible.  Students are encouraged to complete EALC 142 to fulfill the KU Core goal 5.1. Talk to the undergraduate advisor in the target language to plan a 4-year course of study. Email ealc@ku.edu or call 785-864-9250 for information about advisors to contact.

Graduation Plans

With careful planning and commitment to a full-time course load, you can graduate in 4 years.


Major Hours & Major GPA

While completing all required courses, majors must also meet each of the following hour and grade-point average minimum standards:

Major Hours
Satisfied by 31-32 hours of major courses.

Major Hours in Residence
Satisfied by a minimum of 15 hours of KU resident credit in the major. 

Major Junior/Senior Hours
Satisfied by a minimum of 28-32 hours from junior/senior courses (300+) in the major.

Major Junior/Senior Graduation GPA
Satisfied by a minimum of a 2.0 KU GPA in junior/senior courses (300+) in the major. GPA calculations include all junior/senior courses in the field of study including F’s and repeated courses. See the Semester/Cumulative GPA Calculator.


Departmental Honors

The department awards honors to undergraduates who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. Students should consult with an EALC advisor and make their intentions known in writing before the final undergraduate semester, preferably during the junior year. The candidate must achieve a minimum overall grade-point average of 3.25, with a minimum of 3.5 in the major, and complete EALC 499 with a grade of B or higher. In EALC 499, the student writes an honors thesis under the supervision of a faculty member. Two faculty members evaluate the thesis, to determine if departmental honors shall be awarded to the candidate.​ For further information, please contact the Departmental Honors Coordinator, Professor Kyoim Yun