Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to undertake a study-abroad experience as part of the major. Studying abroad allows students to dramatically increase their foreign-language proficiency and affords them cultural understanding far beyond what can be conveyed in a classroom. Employers greatly value study-abroad experience in job candidates, making KU graduates with such experience more competitive as they enter global society.

Study abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with benefits which go far beyond academic learning. Students develop skills in intercultural communication and problem-solving applicable to everyday life. Students learn to become independent and take initiative, and they gain self-confidence, flexibility, perseverance, and appreciation of diversity. An international experience strengthens career opportunities and increases awareness of the interconnected nature of the world.

Students interested in study abroad should talk to an EALC study-abroad advisor (see list below) about the many options available for study abroad in the language they are studying. Study-abroad programs vary in length from several weeks to a full year. They include language-intensive programs (some allowing one to complete a year’s worth of US-college course credit in Chinese, Japanese or Korean in just eight weeks), programs that include non-language courses taught in English, and programs that offer an internship experience. We work with students to find a program that fits their requirements and degree plan. Credit from study-abroad programs can be transferred and can almost always be used to fulfill requirements for the major.

The Office of Study Abroad & Global Engagement administers study-abroad programs, helping with all the practical aspects of study abroad, as well as advice about programs and scholarships. Scholarships are available for study-abroad programs to China, Japan, and South Korea, and EALC often offers a three-week study abroad program in Japan during the summer..

If you are interested in spending part of your academic career in East Asia, please contact the EALC study abroad advisor for the language you are studying, as listed below.

East Asian Languages and Cultures Study Abroad Advisors:


Ji-Yeon Lee (Language courses)
2074 Wescoe

Kyoim Yun (Content courses)
2100 Wescoe


Crispin Williams
2110 Wescoe


Yuka Naito Billen
2109 Wescoe