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East Asian Languages & Cultures at the University of Kansas

KU is a national leader in East Asian Studies

Our programs in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are recognized for progressive and immersive language and culture study, giving you the best possible tools for a global career. Our department is your gateway to the study of the languages and cultures of East Asia, a region of rich traditions and huge economic and political importance. Knowledge and understanding of East Asia is critical in today’s interconnected world and global marketplace. KU students from all majors and professional schools are encouraged to explore East Asian languages and cultures.

What do we offer?

We offer elementary to advanced language instruction in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, along with elementary and intermediate classes in Tibetan and Uyghur. Language study is complemented by a wide variety of country-specific and general East Asia courses in literature, political science, art history, linguistics, anthropology, business, economics, and other fields.

EALC Courses

Okada Beisanjin's Bamboo with Rocks

What can I do with a degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures?

With an EALC B.A., students can pursue a wide range of careers in business, government, education, nonprofit organizations, to name a few, or continue on to graduate study in East Asian languages and cultures. Many students pair an EALC major or minor with a second major to widen their skill-set and increase their competitiveness as they enter the global marketplace. Some students choose EALC related courses to connect with their heritage or to fulfill personal interests.
A student stands in front of a lake with an island that has a building on it in China

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