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East Asian Languages and Literatures

East Asian Languages & Cultures

Master’s Thesis Titles:

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Tokusei in Medieval Japan, by Harrington, Lorraine Fuchs, 1969

The Plays of Ma Chih-Yuan (1250?-1325?), by Yu, Shiao-Jing, 1977

Assimilation, Repatriation or Ethnic Isolation: Choices Confronting the Korean Minority in Japan, by Somers, David I., 1978

Cultural Adjustment Factors in Teaching English to the Vietnamese, by Fensler, Don, 1978

Selected Essays by Chang Hsiu-Ya, by Okurowski, Mary Ellen, 1978

Rebellion, Sedition, and Collective Prosecution in Ch'ing Penal Cases, by Allee, Mark A., 1979

The Emergence of an Independent Arms Control Policy in the People's Republic of China, 1957-68, by Steinel, Douglas, 1982

Mononofu: The Warrior of Heian Japan, by Friday, Karl F., 1983

The Home Rule Struggle in 20th Century Taiwan, by Kurata, Phillip C., 1983

The Study of the Meaning & Use of To, -Tara, -Ba, & Nara in Japanese, by Buechler, Geoffrey L., 1983

T'ang Sai-Er's Rebellion, by Dalton, James, 1984 (Honors)

A History of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, by Marshall, Marcus D., 1984

Japanese Self Defense Force: Prelude, Establishment and Prospect for Future, by Cook, Thomas T., 1984

A Translation of Wang Xizhe's "Mao Zedong & The Great Cultural Revolution", by Morrison, Joe L., 1985 (Honors)

Four Plays by Betsuyaku Minoru, by Lawson, Robert N., 1985

The Chinese People's Liberation Army: Military Modernization Since 1978 & Its Prospects in the Year 2000, by Hoh, William C., 1986

The Integration of Xinjiang with China Proper: A Study in Han Colonization and Pluralistic Minority Policies, by Willis, Jeffrey M., 1986

Dogen in Light of Hua-Yen Buddhism, by Vorenkamp, Dirck, 1987 (Honors)

The Tiananmen Incident: A Prospect Mandate for Policy-Making Change in the People's Repuiblic of China, by Cohen, Stuart B., 1987

Otogishi: A Historical Outlook in Literature, by Black, Nancy S., 1988

San Francisco School Crisis, by Black, Nancy S., 1988

Sun in a Shattered Mirror, by Olmstead, Diane, 1988

Recent Reforms in the Science & Technology Policy of the People's Republic of China, by Garner, Roland, 1988

Stock Ownership in China: Financing China's Economic Reform Programs, by Hull, Robert, 1989

Toward a Syllabus for Teaching the Japanese Language Based on Crombie's Relational Approach, by Hughes, Gene Clayton, 1989

A Case Study of Kansas-Henan Trade Relations, by McClure, David, 1989

The Interrelation of the Enka Songform and Japanese Society, by Muschany, Cathie M., 1989

The Cost of a One Week War: Japan, the Soviet Union & Issues of Japanese Prisoners of War in Soviet Held Territory, 1945-1955, by Nordman, David, 1989 (Honors)

Joint Ventures in the People's Republic of China Using Chinese and Foreign Investment: The Relational Dynamics of the Foreign Investors, the Localities, and the Central Government, by Sprunger, Michael W., 1989

American-Japanese Trade Imbalance: Where Does the Search Begin?, by Price Jr., Alvie L., 1990

Legal Inequality & Social Discrimination: The Korean Minority in Contemporary Japan, by Son, Young-Hwai, 1990

Dowa Education Through Children's Picture Books, by Ofuji, Keiko, 1990

The Political Situation of Ethnic Minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur & Xizang Tibetan Autonomous Regions of the People's Republic of China, 1985-90, by McDaneld, A. Scott, 1991

The Tengu's Art: An Illusion of Neo-Confusianism & Zen in Japanese Swordsmanship According to Shissai Chozanshi's Tengu Geijutsu Ron, by Seckler, Johnathan, 1992

The Effects of Hainan Province's Infrastructure, Energy Production, & Strategic Position on the PRC's Newest Special Economic Zone, by Schmidt, Scott, 1992

Yosano Akiko: A Pioneer Feminist Essayist of the Meiji and Taisho Periods, by Warren, Jane, 1992

Self-Disclosure Among Chinese Best Friends: Intercultural Dimensions of Interpersonal Communication, by Kulich, Steve J., 1992 (Honors)

The End of the Examination System & Dynastic Recruitment in 1905-1911, by Machiya, Yoshio, 1993

Economic Obstacles to Korean Unification, by Pak, Yeong-Tae, 1993

Feng Shui: An Overview from its Origins to its Current Forms, by Flaherty, William, 1993

Munakata Shiko's Interpretation of Poetry in the Prints Nyonin Kanzeon Hangakan, by Torikawa, Natsuko, 1993

A Study of Post World War II New Town Urban Japanese Housewives- Persecution & Influence of Overseas Life on their Roles in Tsukuba Science City, by Larzalere, Norma, 1993 (Honors)

The Molding of Chinese Womanhood: Preliminary Research of the Effect of Confucian Teachings upon Chinese Women, Past & Present, by Zhan, He-ying, 1993

Accordance with the I-Kua System in Moist and Chuang-Tzu's Teachings, by Hoffman, Alan, 1994

China & the Collapse of the USSR Social Order in the People's Republic of China: 1989-1992, by Wynen, Karin, 1994

Achieving Military Objectives in Asia: The Impact of Unilateral Policy-Making, by Busch, John Michael, 1994

Nine Short Stories by Murakami Haruki, by Chamberlain, Banks Randall, 1994

Southern Baptist Convention Missionary Education in Taisho Japan, by Clark, Paul Hendrix, 1994

Uchimura Kanzo and Christianity in Meiji Japan: The Trials of East-West Cultural Interaction, by Allen, Darrell, 1995

The Perfect Tense Usage of the Conditionals in Japanese, by Van Compernolle, Tim, 1995 (Honors)

The Rise of the Zaibatsu System in Japan & Its Economic Influences on Korea & Taiwan, 1868-1945, by Lian, Li- Mei, 1995

An Analysis of Sino-U.S. Joint Venture Negotiation Styles: A Chinese Perspective, by Cheung, Ashley, 1996

An Examination of the Influence of Japanese Culture & the Failures of Economic Reforms Proposed by SCAP Economic Missions from 1947 to 1949 on High Rates of Personal Savings in Japan, by Collisson, Nancy, 1996

An American Educator as Hired Help in Early Meiji Japan: William Elliot Griffis' Experiences as a Yatoi Gaikokujin, by Walker, J. Shawn, 1996

Carter's Proposed Troop Withdrawal: The Making & Unmaking of Foreign Policy Toawrds the Republic of Korea, by Coleman, Claudia, 1996

Wang Zipao & the Literary Themes of Time & Immortality in Chinese Art, by Steuber, Jason, 1996

Yasukuni Shrine & the Constraints on the Discourses of Nationalism in 20th Century Japan, by Safier, Joshua, 1997

Chinese Themes in the Journals & Short Stories of Akutagawa Ryunosuke, by Chen, Mei-Hua, 1997

The Readjustment & Marketiation of the Chinese Economy, by Chim, Guanghui, 1997

A View from the Periphery: Maruyama Kenji's Japan, by Haw, C. William, 1997 (Honors)

Problems for Chinese Students Learning Japanese Address Terms- the Interplay of Politeness Universals & Cultural Knowledge of Chinese & Japanese, by Hua, Hui, 1997

China's Grain Production: Prospects Into the Next Century, by Johnson, Brent, 1998

United States- People's Republic of China Military Cooperation During the Deng Era: Prelude to the New World Order in Asia, by Babb, Joseph, 1998

Housing Foundations: The Coomodification of Housing in China, 1949-1999, by Cooledge, Mark, 1999

Godzilla: The Assault of Modernism & the Counterattack of Tradition, by Ginther, Gray, 1999

Japanese School Textbooks: Teaching the Pacific War, by Garriss, Aaron, 1999

The Social Construction of HIV Stigma in Japan, by Albrecht, David, 1999

Institutional Schism & Varient Christologies in the Chinese Christian Establishment: A Case Study of the China Inland Mission & the Chinese Young Men's Christian Association, 1920-1929, by Crownover, G. Christopher, 2000

Rules of War? Current Japanese Attitudes Toward Japan's World War II Atrocities, by Drees, Daniel, 2000

Villagers & Officials: Zhang Yigong's Rural Stories of the Early 1980s, by Willis, Sheree, 2000

The Subjacency Principle: Acquisition Level Faciliated by EFL and ESL Settings, by Kang, Ae-Jin, 2001

Lin Biao: Mao Zedong's Successor and China's Traitor?, by Brigham, Vanessa, 2002

The Taiwan Issue in the People's Daily: The Role of Non-PRC Ethnic Chinese Organizations, by McIver, Adam, 2003

Daily Life in Tokugawa Japan: A Study Set in Old Ibaraki Prefecture, by Geritz, Laura, 2003

Provincial Reform and Local Elite Participation: The Case of Yuan Shikai and Zhili, by Dewell, Christopher, 2003

Regional Variations in the Number of Protests and Strikes in China, by Atkeisson, G., 2003

A Study of Objectivity and Detachment in Soseki's Vision, by Cleveland, Brian, 2003 (Honors)

Adaptations of the Rokujo Character from "Genji Monogatari" by the noh Playwrights Zemi & Zenchiki in the noh Plays "Aoi no Ue" & "Nonomiya: A Literary Noblewoman Becomes a Loquacious Ghos.", by Dolembo, Marie, 2004

The Spectacle of School Girls: Enjo Kosai Through a Tokugawa Lense, by Goodison, Arlene, 2004 (Honors)

The Search for Moral Coherence in Contemporary China, by Pine, Charles, 2004

Modern Japanese Human Right Law and the Otaru Omsen Case, by Grieb, Owen, 2005

Chinese Migration to Slovakia, by Repkova, Katarina, 2005

Chasing the Sheep of History: War & Memory in the Fiction of Murakami Haruki, by Ward, Michael, 2006

Game Centers: A Historical and Cultural Analysis of Japan's Video Amusement Establishment, by Eickhorst, Eric, 2006 (Honors)

Hunting the Xiezhai: Mythology, Methodology and an Alternate Explication of Fa, by Caldwell IV, Perry Ernest, 2006

Punishment & the Preface to the Tale of the Heike, by Mayo, Christopher, 2007 (Honors)

Venerable Fazan & His Influence on Life & Education at the Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Institute, by Sullivan, Brenton, 2007 (Honors)

Methods to Market Mario: An Analysis of American and Japanese Preference For Control in Video Games, by Cook, Geoffrey M., 2009

The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: Wang Anyi’s Tale of Shanghai, by Schneider, Nancy, 2011

Acquisition of Semantic and Pragmatic Meaning of the Quantifier Nanko-ka by Adult Learners of Japanese, by Takami, Naoko, 2011

Sex and Silence: Ochiai Keiko’s “The Rape” Within a Historical Context, by Brown, Aun-Drey Reynaldo, 2012

Rebel With a Cause: Ishihara Shintaro, A Case Study of a Japanese Nationalist, by Akaike-Toste, Eriko Maria, 2013

Romantic Relationships and Urban Modernity in the Writings of Han Bangqing and Zhang Ailing, by Kauffman, Andrew, 2013

The Middle Class in the Middle Kingdom: Regime Support for the Chinese Leadership?, by Paden, Eric, 2013

Pollution and Environmental Concern in Rural China, by Brandes, Julia, 2013 (Honors)

Queer Comrades, Queer China: Hybrid Lesbian Identities in an Age of Social Media, by Brennan, Cammie Allison, 2013

Rethinking the Axial Age in Ancient China: The Role of Religion in Governance from the Shang to the Early Han, by Bollig, Peter, 2014

Revisioning Literature and History: An Annotated Translation of Two Short Stories by Jin Renshun, by McCormick, Evan Randolph, 2014

Conscientious Rule: Policital and Moral Philosophy in “The Way of Conscientiousness and Trustworthiness” (Zhong xin zhi dao), by Chung, Hsiao-Tung, 2015

A Failure to Communicate: Li Shangyin’s Hermetic Legacy, by Bowden, Emily, 2015

Hollywood in China: The Chinese Reception of Titanic as a Case Study, by Dillon, Kaylin, 2015

Hot Economics, Cold Politics: The Influence of Anti-Japanese Protests on Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in China, by Tsuyumu Vencalek, Emi, 2015

Cross-Script Cognate Priming Effects on Visual Word Recognition: Effects of Japanese Loanword Cognates in L2 Japanese Learners, by Higashitani, Noriko, 2015

Cold War in Asia: China’s Involvement in the Korean and Vietnam War, by Becker, Stefanie, 2015

China’s soft power investment in African nations, by Nagao, Haruka, 2016 (Honors)

Gender Dynamics in China’s Legal System: Comparative Analysis with the United States, by Considine, Kasey, 2016

Turquoise-Inlaid Bronze Plaques from the Erlitou Culture: Origin and Transmission, by Sun, Mao, 2017

"Jogakusei:" A Cultural Icon of Meiji Japan, by Hori, Yoko, 2017

Seeking "suzhi" through Modernization and Development, by Moramarco, Krista , 2017

Recentering Taiwan: Colonialism, The Nation, and Identity in Taiwanese Fiction and Film, by Hill, William Zachary, 2017

Transforming the Spirit: Wang Wei's Encomium on a Pure Land "Bianxiang,by Aghdaie, Taraneh, 2017

A Critical Approach to Human Trafficking in Japan: Rethinking Sex Tafficking Policy Through the Examples of Filipino Migrant Entertainers, by Gridley, Marlaena A, 2019

Murakami Haruki's Short Fiction and the Japanese Consumer Society, by Clements, Jacob, 2019.

Sorry but Not Sorry: Politics of Apology over Comfort Women between Japan and South Korea, by Shiomi, Masanori, 2019


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